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Oculus Rift viable for free-to-play after 5m units, says World of Tanks boss

"If it's big, if it's global, we're going to be there"

A games publisher responsible for one of the most successful free-to-play games ever has declared interest in supporting Oculus Rift, but only if the peripheral can sell more than five million units.

Victor Kislyi, chief executive of World of Tanks creator Wargaming, told CVG that he was personally impressed with Oculus Rift's technology. But from a business standpoint, he claimed that platforms must reach five to ten million units in order for free-to-play companies to take them seriously.

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"If it's big, if it's global, we're going to be there," he said in the video interview below.

"We are free-to-play, and now even further down the road, we are free-to-win. Seventy-five per cent of our players never pay a penny, and we love those players," he added.

"For free-to-play, five to ten million is a good user-base. So if Xbox One or Oculus reach those numbers, we're there."

Due to the small proportion of players who pay on freemium games, the business model becomes more viable when the player base increases.

Kislyi, who previously stated his personal ambition is to prove that free-to-play "is no longer a repository for low quality games", has helped Wargaming amass 75,000,000 registered players and more than 1 million concurrent players.

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In March, a Ubisoft claimed that, to win support of premium price games publishers, virtual reality devices need to generate more than ten million sales.