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Double Fine publishing for "vibrant indie ecosystem"

Studio COO discusses the program's future

Double Fine wants to do its part to make a "vibrant indie ecosystem" with its new publishing efforts.

Studio COO Justin Bailey told US Gamer about what comes next for Double Fine now that Escape Goat 2, its first publishing collaboration, has released.


"Our biggest interest is to have a vibrant indie ecosystem," says Bailey. "Our thought is the best people to provide that are going to be the indies. We'd like to help make other indies successful, keep them independent, and have a place where they can go and in turn, help out other indies. That makes the ecosystem stronger."

Bailey said Double Fine had to get good at promoting its own games fast; Double Fine owns most of the IP it works on, and that makes publishers less likely to put promotional muscle behind it. Now it can use that experience to help promote smaller indie studios.

The studio has published most of its own games for about two years. Double Fine wants to work with a handful of studios for now, but Bailey isn't sure sure if its publishing efforts will continue after that. That's not for lack of interest - he has already received more than 160 game submissions.

"We like the idea that [developers] can come, show their game to us, we can have our artists and designers play the game, and literally give them informal feedback. In the future, we want to be involved with some of the development and potentially some of the fundraising, maybe through helping out with Kickstarter."

The studio announced in February that it had secured funding for the second half of its Kickstarted adventure, Broken Age Act 2. It plans to work with publishing label Midnight City to release Costume Quest 2.