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Retro Vault: Double Dragon, Segasonic The Hedgehog, Legends Of Wrestling

Plus: The Game Boy version of Contra and Star Fox (not that one)

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October 1988 - Double Dragon artwork (Master System version)

Although it wasn't the first ever side-scrolling beat 'em up (games such as Renegade preceded it), Double Dragon was certainly the first popular one.

It was also the first major fighter to introduce co-operative gameplay for two players, as brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee fought their way through numerous gangs of enemies in order to find and rescue Marian, their love interest (yes, it's a bit creepy).

The game was later ported to the NES, but while it was critically acclaimed it was missing the co-op multiplayer and had tweaked levels that weren't quite as complex as those in the arcade version.

It wasn't until Sega got the licence to port it to the Master System that Double Dragon got a faithful home port, with an intact co-op mode and levels that looked a lot more like those in the arcade game.

It's since seen numerous sequels and spin-offs with the most recent entry, Double Dragon Neon, released on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN in 2012.

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