Microsoft trying to solve virtual reality headache

Xbox Live director of programming thinks VR "could certainly be one of the next waves of gaming"

Microsoft is continuing to explore the possibility of entering the virtual reality market.

That's according to Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb, director of programming for Xbox Live, who told Syracuse that VR "could certainly be one of the next waves of gaming".


"We've looked at that and we continue to look at that and we'll see what happens," he said. "That's a hard problem to solve. You're using technology to trick the human brain to do things it's not supposed to do. That's why people get headaches. We have to find the right way to do it."

It recently emerged that Microsoft is in the process of applying for over 80 patents related to augmented reality glasses, fuelling long-held rumours that the company plans to extend the Xbox One experience with wearable computing technology. The firm reportedly paid up to $150 million to buy IP assets related to augmented reality from the wearable computing firm Osterhout Design Group.

Microsoft was rumoured to be working on its own Xbox One virtual reality device days after it was confirmed that Sony was developing Project Morpheus, a premium head-mounted display for PS4.

In June 2012, CVG published details from a leaked Microsoft document that outlines the product roadmap for 'Fortazela Glasses' - electronic shades that would overlay rich 3D images.

In March, Facebook acquired Oculus Rift maker Oculus VR in a deal potentially worth more than $2 billion.


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