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EA explains why Bruce Lee will feature in EA Sports UFC

"Michael Myers and Predator in CoD, Bruce Lee in this, Alien Isolation on the way...we just need Roland Rat to appear in Battlefield now." - Ali_

Now there's a hell of a reference for our younger readers.

Justin Bieber, Burger King and other surprising hidden characters in sports games

"please put bieber in UFC too." - DavidG

That poor boy.

Borderlands: The Pre-sequel reportedly in development at 2K Australia

"I'd consider the source. This is in all likelyhood complete and utter b*****ks. well thought out b*****ks, but still false." - WHERESMYMONKEY

Guess what happened two days later...

Molyneux says 'Kinect feels like an unnecessary add-on'

"This guy punts his b.s. in a Kinect 'proof of concept' video and then says this? Peter - sit down and retire, you jackass." - WillyMcBurgle

Oooof. Such venom.

The Simpsons gets a Minecraft intro, but Notch doesn't know what to make of it

"You have to understand that Notch is really not a public 'persson' (pun intended)." - trzarector

See, this is why we don't do 'puns of the week' anymore.

Atari E.T. landfill excavation back on track

"Is that a screenshot from the 1982 game? Either that or a screenshot from the latest Watch Dogs trailer?" - Beebop10


Assassin's Creed movie is being rewritten

"Yeah,......it's being rewritten to appear in cinemas yearly with minor tweaks to the script." - ingy


Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere free on Xbox

"Xbox. Show me some tits" - Squall5005

*Xbox loads up BBC iPlayer, plays Top Gear*

Smash Bros. 4 release window announcement teased

"Either give us a date or stop teasing us." - roland82

"Last time I tried that argument, she took a restraining order out on me." - beemoh

Live and learn.


Launch Review: The Elder Scrolls Online

"another mindles mmo with elder scrolls skin on it, im not buyin it" - rivariad

I haven't played an MMO with a mindle in that that I didn't like.

Xbox One system update released to preview participants

"So.......many........issues. So about as ready to release as the 360 was!! Neg me all you like its the truth!! Microsoft release unfit/finished hardware/software shocker." - topcat

Yup. In other news, how about that upcoming PS4 update?

EA explains why Bruce Lee will feature in EA Sports UFC

"I really dislike UFC, its a disgusting "sport".
Lets stick two guys in a ring and let them brutally beat the crap out of eachother no holds barred.
Yeah, I watched a fight at my mates house and Jesus Christ, never again!
Knees to the head (which resulted in the biggest BUMP I've ever seen), choke holds etc
Fxxk that sxxt, gimme a WWE DVD and I'll be content watching that." - CloudLXXXV

You probably shouldn't go to your mate's house if he hosts actual fights.

Xbox original TV programming to debut in June

"Sweet, more tv for your xbox's. M$ must be finally justifying everyones X1 purchases." - Gameoholic007

What? Sorry, I was playing Titanfall and didn't hear what you said.

Nintendo Pocket Football Club launch offer announced

"Was going to say, how can people berate the price for Ground Zeroes when Ninty are ripping people off like this?" - OneChilledMofo

Ah, you'll have played it then.


UK Chart: FIFA 14 beats Elder Scrolls Online to No.1

"WTF? Who the hell keeps buying Fifa? You're turning EA into the next Rockerfeller. Listen gamers, we already have enough nuts trying to form a one world government, we don't need more. Have you never read the bible or watched Zeitgeist? Wait... Zeitgeist pretty much attacks the bible so that's a bit of a contradictory statement. Know what else is contradictory? Demanding originality while keeping games like Fifa at the top of the charts. Get your act together fellow gamers and stop buying Fifa.
Mind, it's been a year since I last played Fifa and it was much improved, might just pick Fifa 14 up later this week." - starsail

That's impressive mood-swinging right there.