Video: Star Citizen's dogfighting module in action

Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts offered his backers their best look at the game in action yet Thursday night.

Thanks to player-run organization Trust Corp, video footage of Roberts' hour-long presentation is available for public viewing. It includes roughly 10 minutes of the spaceflight simulator's gameplay.

The in-game action starts at about 19:40 into the video, though a brief attempt that ended with Roberts' ship smashed into an asteroid starts at about 13:15.

Roberts said the game's dogfighting module will hopefully be released to early backers by the beginning of May. It's referred to as Arena Commander in the game's fiction, a reference to Wing Commander, the series of space dogfighting games that inspired Star Citizen.

The dogfighting module will include five game modes: free flying, deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, and horde mode.

Developer Cloud Imperium says Star Citizen has raised more than $40 million from crowdfunding. The studio has continued collecting funds from fans after the conclusion of its $2 million Kickstarter by offering in-game items like starships and other virtual goods for sale in advance of the game's release.

"I'm constantly amazed by the continued support we receive and how this community manages to grow every day," Roberts said at the time. "Since the last milestone we've added over 10,000 new citizens! Some say that space sims are niche. I'm not so sure."

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