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Video: Kirby Triple Deluxe trailer inhales a train

A trailer for Kirby Triple Deluxe titled "Wow Kirby, You're Sure Exciting" shows the pink puffball battling bosses and dodging giant boulders.

Scenes pulled from the 3DS platformer demonstrate Kirby using his new super-powered suction ability to lob a turnip at a giant bird boss and even swallow a train in one earthshaking gulp.

Nintendo says the game includes more than 20 abilities, four of which are new for Triple Deluxe. Another trailer released this week shows Kirby using his strange new copy abilities to less-devastating, more-comedic effect.

Another video shows more of Kirby's "deluxe powers," including abilities that use the 3DS gyroscope, and a multiplayer battle mode.

In our Kirby Triple Deluxe preview, we found that the game's multi-level stages make it " one of the few 3DS games that will actually have you turning up the 3D slider to enjoy the effect", and it provides the "same relaxing, charming gameplay the series is known and loved for".

Nintendo has confirmed that Kirby Triple Deluxe will release in the US on May 2 and UK on May 16.

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