Elder Scrolls Online marketplace helps players buy, sell and trade

Third-party auction house endorsed by Zenimax

A third-party marketplace has been established to facilitate the buying, selling and trading of The Elder Scrolls Online items.

The MMO doesn't feature an in-game auction house, but TESO Elite Forums has established a list of guidelines for setting up transactions using in-game gold, which have been endorsed by the official Elder Scrolls Online Twitter account.

Last week Zenimax released a new The Elder Scrolls Online patch largely focused on fixing issues that were blocking quest progression.

The latest The Elder Scrolls Online trailer offers a look at the game's first post-launch content, an "expansive adventure zone" called Craglorn which is set for release later this month.

Elder Scrolls Online early access began on Sunday, March 30 ahead of the official PC and Mac release date of April 4. Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game will arrive in June 2014.


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