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David Attenborough wildlife show could come to Oculus Rift

Production company considering Kickstarter for "immersive documentary, where you are in the scene"

Atlantic Productions is interested in creating an Oculus Rift version of an upcoming Sir David Attenborough wildlife show, although it may need to raise money through crowdfunding efforts to do so.

The Attenborough fronted Conquest of the Skies is currently being shot in Borneo by London-based Atlantic for Sky 3D.


"We're now filming for the Oculus Rift," Atlantic's commercial director John Morris told Realscreen, "so when we filmed our recent flight in Borneo, we filmed with an eight-camera rig, so you got the full 360 degree experience."


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Morris said he sees virtual reality tech as being "a new platform you can monetise", predicting: "I think we'll see millions of these things [Rift headsets] being sold."

Writing on Reddit, an Atlantic spokesperson clarified that the company will likely need to seek crowdfunding if it's to release an immersive video project on Rift.

"We're currently working with the Rift and we're really excited by it," they said. "We've got a couple of things in development at the moment, maybe three things in fact. They're all potentially fantastic projects but as you all know it's quite a difficult thing right now to fund development of these things.

"We're considering putting out a Kickstarter for a project but we'd only put it out there if we knew you guys were interested," the spokesperson added. "So as a very simple show of hands kind of thing, if we were to make an immersive documentary, where you are in the scene, would you be interested in helping fund that in a Kickstarter?"

In March, Facebook acquired Oculus Rift maker Oculus VR in a deal potentially worth more than $2 billion.

Also last month, Sony officially revealed that Project Morpheus, an upcoming PS4 virtual reality headset, has been in development for three years.

Microsoft said in early April that it's continuing to explore the possibility of entering the virtual reality market.


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