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Freedom Wars coming to Europe and N. America

Soul Sacrifice Delta and Oreshika also confirmed

Sony confirmed Monday that action RPG Freedom Wars will release in Europe and North America, as well as two other Japanese PS Vita exclusives.

Freedom Wars is set 100,000 years in the future in a world called Panopticon, where population growth and precious resources like oil have significantly decreased.

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Developed by SCE Japan Studio, Freedom Wars has been described as a "rescue" multiplayer action title where players can customize characters and enter massive online battles. A Freedom Wars gameplay video released in November showed characters rescuing people while fending off large monsters.

Soul Sacrifice Delta, an expanded version of the Monster-Hunter style action RPG, will release in North America on May 13 and in Europe on May 14. It adds a neutral faction called "Grim" to the game and encourages players to join one of the three sides.

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It also introduces new fairy-tale inspired archfiends, sorcerers, and game design and graphical refinements.

Soul Sacrifice Delta was previously listed for European release by a Spanish online retailer.

Lastly, Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines will also hit North America and Europe. Putting players in charge of a clan cursed with a two-year lifespan, players must quest to lift the curse and make each generation stronger than its forebears.