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Oculus Rift dev kit sales hit 85,000

Upgraded DK2 model moves 25,000

Oculus has sold about 25,000 DK2 Rift headsets, reaching a total of 85,000 developer kits sold so far.

Gamasutra shared the figures on Monday which reveal healthy interest in the VR company's latest test version. DK2 incorporates a high-resoltion, low-persistence OLED display and head tracking with a USB camera accessory. It costs $350 with delivery estimated to begin in June.


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Though DK2 brings Oculus closer to its goals for a consumer release, the company says it still needs more refinement before it's ready for large-scale consumer release.

Facebook announced in March that it had purchased Oculus Rift for $2 billion in total assets. Oculus CTO John Carmack has responded to criticism, saying the VR start-up now has the resources it needs to "make it happen".

Also last month, Sony officially revealed that Project Morpheus, an upcoming PS4 virtual reality headset, has been in development for three years.

Microsoft said in early April that it's continuing to explore the possibility of entering the virtual reality market.