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Square Enix dev teases new Mana and SaGa games

Mobile studio assisting in development

Square Enix is working on new games in the Mana and SaGa franchises.


The news came via a Famitsu interview, translated by Siliconera, in which Square Enix mobile developer Takehiro Ando addressed how the firm is marking the series' respective 25th anniversaries.

"It has been decided that the second mobile division [where Ando serves as producer] will be helping out with [the SaGa and Mana series]," Ando wrote. "We will be doing our best to stay true to all your memories from the Super Famicom and PlayStation era, for those of you who are saying 'I want to play Romancing SaGa 4' or 'I want to play Seiken Densetsu 5 [the Japanese name for the Mana series]!' but that's all I can say for now.

"With that said, we'd like to support the teams so we can release something just as beautiful as what you guys remember from the memories of your experiences in the Super Famicom and PlayStation days."

Ando said the SaGa game will arrive later this year, with the Mana title planned to arrive later on.

Emperors SaGa, a mobile game released in 2012, and Rise of Mana, a mobile game released in March, are the most recent entries for both series.