Tremble at this scintillating Nuclear Throne trailer

If you're not hyped for Nuclear Throne yet you really should take a look at the game's latest trailer that was released on Sunday.

Perhaps it's the curse of pixelated graphics that every new game that uses this art style will - whether it wants to or not - unlock sacred memories of delightful 16-bit games from the mid-nineties.

I mean, I can see the glory of Super Smash TV in here, along with the screen shaking bombast of Contra, spliced with the dungeon-like level structure of Gauntlet.

But then again, Vlambeer games are often distinct and I'm positive that Nuclear Throne will stand out too. Their past games have all been immense fun, laced with spontaneity and totally imperfect, like an impassioned lover.

What's most encouraging about Nuclear Throne, at least for me, is that it mixes the fascinating discovery elements of traditional roguelikes with the more cathartic elements of a top-down arcade shooter.

This new trailer also reveals a new co-op mode too.

Take a look:

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Nuclear Throne is coming to PC and PlayStations later this year.