Guild Wars 2 Feature Pack reworks servers, wardrobes

ArenaNet plans series of systems-focused updates

ArenaNet introduced the first planned "Feature Pack" to Guild Wars 2 Tuesday, tweaking how the MMORPG handles world matchmaking, traits, and character wardrobes.

A "megaserver" system will match up friends, guild members, and players with similar interests from across home servers in the background. Players will be more likely to run into friendly faces while questing and leveling with no extra effort on their behalf.


The update will also add change how players unlock their profession's traits. Instead of paying in-game currency to unlock one trait line at a time, new traits will open up as players reach the appropriate level. Forty new traits will also impact every class and trait line in the game.

Customizing avatars' visual appearance will become significant easily with the Account Wardrobe system: instead of characters holding on to individual articles, cosmetic items and dyes will unlock across player accounts for use by all characters.

The update will also do away with PvP-specific equipment - instead, players will work through PvP reward tracks, which give out items from other areas of the game. Several tweaks will also be made to the game's social and upgrade systems.

ArenaNet plans to release more systems-focused "Feature Packs" alongside its living world content in the future. The developer has regularly released new regions, public quests, and dungeons to the MMORPG since its release in August 2012.