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Survival platformer Rain World coming to Vita

Adult Swim publishing crowdfunded indie title

Crowdfunded survival platformer Rain World will come to PlayStation Vita "and well beyond" thanks to a publishing deal with Adult Swim Games.

One of the game's two developers shared the news in a Kickstarter update posted last week. The game was originally set to debut on PC and Mac, with an estimated release window of December 2014.

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"[Adult Swim Games is] 100% here to help us take Rain World to the next level," developer James Primate wrote, "AKA we can now officially announce that Rain World is coming to PSN, PS Vita and well beyond! Rejoice!"

Rain World takes place in a post-apocalyptic cityscape that is regularly pulverized by torrential rain. Players take control of a nimble creature called a slugcat as it hunts for food in brief dry periods.

The slugcats, their prey, and their predators are brought to life with a unique physics-augmented animation system, letting them scurry around the ruins and fight for survival with bouncing, lively motions.

Players can survive in the open-ended world alone or in co-op with a friend, and compete with up to four others in deathmatch and wave-based challenges.