Deadlight now free through Xbox 360 Games with Gold

Cinematic survival platformer replaces Hitman Absolution

Deadlight is now free to download on Xbox 360 as part of the monthly Games with Gold promotion.

The game replaces Hitman Absolution as April's free download for Xbox Live Gold subscribers until the end of the month. Weighing in at 1.96 GB, the cinematic survival platformer is usually priced at £11.99.

Deadlight follows the journey of a man searching for his family across Seattle during the aftermath of a 1980s event that has decimated life on earth.

"This is big-budget fiction on a 2D plane, a blockbuster adventure sliced vertically," CVG's Deadlight review reads. "Deadlight's not smart or precise enough to be a puzzle-platformer, but as a cinematic one it's unrivalled."

Announced at E3 in June 2013, Games with Gold gives XBLG subscribers two free games to keep each month.

While it was originally revealed as a limited time campaign, Microsoft said last October that Games with Gold would be an "ongoing benefit" with no end date planned.

In November, the platform holder also revealed plans to launch Games with Gold on Xbox One in 2014, although it recently said the service "might not look exactly the way things have looked in the past".


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