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The Last of Us: Grounded DLC adds new difficulty, maps

Hardest single-player mode yet

The Last of Us: Grounded Bundle DLC will add an intense new single-player difficulty mode and four new multiplayer maps.

Naughty Dog detailed the contents of the third and final Last of Us season pass drop on its official blog.


Grounded Mode makes the single-player campaign even more difficult than Survivor mode; "the AI is relentless, smart, and brutal, and survival will be near impossible," according to Naughty Dog. Grounded Mode will cost $4.99 outside of the season pass.

The Grounded Bundle also includes the Reclaimed Territories Map Pack, featuring four new multiplayer arenas: the Wharf from near the beginning of the game, the Capital in Boston, a Coal Mine in Colorado, and Lincoln, PA map Water Tower. The map pack is available for $9.99 for non-season pass owners.

Four new weapons, the Specter silenced assault rifle, Double Barrel shotgun, Enforcer pistol, and explosive Launcher are available for free as part of pre-set loadouts, or as part of a $5.99 Survivalist Weapon Bundle outside the season pass. Several new survival skills are also on offer for $3.99 each.

All players will receive the Full-Auto Rifle for free. Naughty Dog did not specify when the DLC updates will arrive or what they will cost outside of the US, though it noted that The Last of Us' season pass will only be available up to the week of May 13.

The DLC update follow's February's single-player DLC expansion, Left Behind, which follows Ellie in events prior to her encounter with Joel. Read our The Last of Us: Left Behind review here.

Sony has confirmed that The Last of Us Remastered will arrive on PS4 sometime this year.