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Infamous Second Son Thursday update adds Photo Mode

Also an optional 30fps cap, time-of-day adjuster

A Thursday update for Infamous Second Son will add a new share-friendly photo mode to the super-powered open-world game.

Developer Sucker Punch detailed Photo Mode and other new features planned for the update in a post to the PlayStation Blog. A brief video tutorial lays out the basics of the new feature.

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Once photo mode is enabled from the options menu, players can enter it any time they are in control of the camera by pressing L3. The action will pause and players can set up their preferred angle, focus, color filters and more before hiding the interface and publishing a screenshot with the Share button.

As previously detailed, the update will add an option 30fps framerate cap and time-of-day adjuster which becomes available after finishing the game.

The Infamous: Second Son update also adds a failsafe to pause the game if the controller runs out of batteries and a prompt to let expert-difficulty players know if they're qualified for the "Unstoppable" trophy. Lastly, it makes a few changes to localized text and fixes certain crashes.

A day-one patch for the game kicked off an episodic side story dubbed the "Infamous Paper Trail" which will unfold through the beginning of May.

In our Infamous Second Son review, we said it has "flashes of excellence, but overall it feels a little too familiar."