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Twitch backs streaming platformer Choice Chamber

Crowd interaction inspired by Twitch Plays Pokemon

Twitch will match the remaining funds pledged to a Kickstarter for crowdsourced platformer Choice Chamber, the firm announced Wednesday.

Choice Chamber's central conceit was inspired by Twitch Plays Pokemon, in which thousands of viewers issued commands one-by-one to eventually complete the original Pokemon Red/Blue. In Choice Chamber, stream viewers can directly interact with a single player by choose which challenges he or she will face.

The PC game regularly presents streamers with a choice of options to determine enemies and upcoming environments; chatters can help or hinder the player by casting votes in the chat.

The game was just around halfway to its $30,000 goal with four days to go at the time of the announcement, though Twitch plans to match the remaining amount to ensure its development.

"Studio Bean is excited to have Twitch support us through the Kickstarter campaign," Studio Bean founder Michael Molinari said in a press release. "The game itself would not be possible without the convenience and simplicity of Twitch's broadcasting and chat features, and this whole dream wouldn't be happening were it not for their help and support."

Studio Bean plans to host a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread on Sunday at 11:30am PT/7:30pm UK time.

Correction: This story previously indicated Twitch would pledge the remaining amount needed to complete the Kickstarter campaign. It will instead match the monetary amount of pledges made by other users starting from 9 a.m. PT on Wednesday. We regret the error.