Hearthstone launches on iPad worldwide

Get a free card pack for playing through a game

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is now available on iPad everywhere.

The free-to-play card game launched on iPad in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand earlier this month. Blizzard announced Wednesday that the game had completed its "soft launch" and entered full release.

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Supported devices include iPad Air, iPad fourth generation, iPad third generation, iPad 2, iPad mini, and iPad mini with Retina, according to Hearthstone's official blog.

Players can use the same account to build decks and battle online across PC and iPad. Blizzard announced in November that it plans to release iPhone and Android versions of the game later this year.

Players can spend real cash or earn in-game gold to compete in draft-tournament styled Arenas and buy booster packs. Playing through a game on iPad will automatically award a bonus pack.

Blizzard revealed at PAX East last weekend that it will soon introduce a new single-player adventure mode to Hearthstone, starting with Curse of Naxxrammas in coming weeks. Players can collect up to 30 new cards by defeating Naxxramas' bosses, which are inspired by the World of Warcraft instance of the same name.

Hearthstone has attracted more than 10 million accounts since it officially launched on PC in March.