Chaos Reborn Kickstarter from X-COM creator succeeds

Julian Gollop's new project raises $198,000

The Kickstarter for Chaos Reborn, the new project from the creator of the original X-COM, has surpassed its $180,000 funding goal on the last day of its campaign.

Julian Gollop directed the acclaimed 1994 game X-COM: UFO Defense (known as UFO: Enemy Unknown in Europe). However, the concept for Chaos Reborn goes even further back to Gollop's 1985 ZX Spectrum game, Chaos: The Battle of Wizards.


It casts players as a lone wizard with a small but powerful collection of spells. Through single-player and multiplayer adventures, wizards take down rivals by summoning and commanding creatures in turn-based battles.

Chaos Reborn has raised about $198,000 as of publication with eight hours left to go. That puts it in easy reach of its first stretch goal at $200,000: localizing the game to French, German, Italian, and Spanish "plus a small selection of other languages to be decided based on demand and costs."

A stretch goal set for $240,000 would add support for iOS and Android platforms, available on top of the PC download for backers who pledge $20 or more.

A multiplayer prototype is playable for free on this web page, providing users install the Unity Player browser plug-in and their machines can handle the demands.