Comments of the Week - "Putting your trousers on and finding someone in them"

Your finest, funniest and oddest comments over the past seven days


Elder Scrolls Online marketplace helps players buy, sell and trade

"Anyone want to buy some horse armor?" - apalmer28

Neigh chance.

New Assassin's Creed game could be based in ancient Rome

"Ryse of the Assassin anyone?" - hangoverman


Daylight trailers show procedurally generated survival horror in action

"sick of seeing these horror games using a single object as a source of light...

outlast p**ses me off..." - deathvalleydemon

Yeah you're right,the protagonist should have loads of torches strapped to him - unclemonkey

Takes a bright mind to make a comeback like that.

Video: A typically insane day in Tomodachi Life

"I have officially no clue what's going on. The most normal thing about that video is having a t-rex for a friend." - Malmo

Obviously you've never seen Denver The Last Dinosaur. And now everyone who knows what I'm on about has the music in their head.

David Attenborough wildlife show could come to Oculus Rift

"Glad to hear that Sir David is back to real nature instead of f**king about with dinosaurs on green screens!" - budge

Hmm. Quite. Having said that, F**king About With Dinosaurs was a hell of a series.

Ubisoft sets E3 Media Briefing for June 9

"Rayman, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, Call of Juarez, Assassin's creed, and the beast that is Far Cry. Ubisoft, you've quite literally robbed me of years of life. And for that, I thank you.

Regardless of system resolution, I will be playing whatever the hell you put out! How they make so many top class, well thought-through games is anyone's guess. But man I love Ubi." - timioke92

Hang on, you mean to say you're posting a comment on a comments threads and you're actually perfectly happy with a company? Have all our medals, please.

Jade Raymond's sick of games treating "gamers like idiots"

""There still isn't a game where you get to play an old lady. That's my dream."

Murder she wrote the game incoming" - adsoldroyd

Angela Lansbury Vs Phoenix Wright?

Interceptor teases Duke-free Mass Destruction reboot

"How can you not know what ips you own?
It's like putting your trousers on in the morning and finding someone's already in them" - unclemonkey

God, that was the worst hangover ever.


Review: Goat Simulator offers a different type of ram upgrade

"Don't be baaad sports, only a 6?" - Jingee


"Bleating marvellous. You'd have to be a silly-billy to miss out." - Balladeer


"6? that's a bit gruff... (ugh)" - DavidG


"Will this be milked to death?" - WingZeroSys

Three stars.

"s**t just goat serious now this game's out." - Owned49

One thumb up.

"I really wanted to make a baaaaad pun, but the reviewer already did and now I feel sheepish.

What? A sheep is close enough, right, they're both furry, white and enjoyed by Welsh people after they leave the pub.

I'll get me goat.." - JSayonara

Stop. It hurts to open my eyes.


The illustrated history of official World Cup games

"I have never owned a football game on any machine. I don't play it, watch it or have the slightest interest in football.
For the silly amount of money 'professional' footballers get paid I'd expect them to be able to perform world class brain surgery as a proper job. Not be a bunch of slack jawed lobotomites with an IQ circling the drain somewhere around GW Bush and Justin Beiber.
Millions for playing a childs game.
That and I'd rather watch rugby..." - jodders

Yes, because rugby players are all on minimum wage.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Jade concept art revealed

"What a shame you can't see anything in the video because of the 'blackpool illuminations' blinding you,..........oh wait, it's just the ps4 pads,.....what a great idea that was,......never mind they'll soon run out of charge.

ok,ok, i'm being a t**t, but to even things up, the x1pads keep switching off randomly, and to join party's or games you have to hold the guide button in for an unspecified time,.......really winds me up, why can't we just tap it once like the 360 did?" - ingy

Well, at least you hate both sides equally.

PSN maintenance reportedly scheduled for Easter Monday

"If it's to update PSN on the PS4 in any way/shape/form then I am totally for it!

At the minute, it's terrible.

So sterile, basic, archaic, broken and boring.


Thanks for clarifying that's fact, otherwise I'd have assumed it was just your opinion.

Fable Anniversary designer leaves Lionhead

"Couldn't stand another seven years in 720p!" - darren_mccoy