Watch Dogs sequel book releasing alongside game

//n/Dark Clouds explores events after campaign

Ubisoft will publish an e-book sequel to Watch Dogs written by science-fiction author John Shirley.

The publisher announced Thursday a deep collaboration with Shirley, which gave the author deep access to Ubisoft Montreal, the chief studio behind Watch Dogs. The ebook, titled Watch Dogs //n/Dark Clouds, takes place directly after the events of the game.

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Shirley said the novel will introduce new characters to the cyberpunk conspiracy at the heart of Watch Dogs while following the continued adventures of existing characters.

"With hack tech in one hand and gun in the other, Aiden Pearce is a believable fusion of hacker and action hero who deliberately slips between the cracks of society to relentlessly pursue his agenda," Shirley said in a press release. "The novel introduces Mick Wolfe, an ex-military, who gets caught in a dangerous game in Chicago's hyper connected and violent underground."

//n/Dark Clouds will release exclusively as a digital download, in both an expanded edition with interactive videos and images and in classic e-reader friendly form. It will release alongside the game.

Ubisoft revealed the PC specifications recommended for running Watch Dogs on Ultra settings earlier this week. A video published on April 10 shows off some PC-exclusive visual effects.

The worldwide Watch Dogs release date is May 27 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3. A Wii U release is expected to follow in autumn 2014.