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New Grid reveal teased for Tuesday

Codemasters trailer hints at new racer

Codemasters teases a new game in the Grid racing series with a brief trailer published Thursday.

The trailer shows several flashes of color accompanied by the sound of revving engines. At the end it lists 22.4.14 - this coming Tuesday - and a #racingiscoming hashtag. No other details were given, though devout motorheads may be able to suss something out from the engine noises.

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The Grid series has roots deep in the history in racing games, starting with TOCA Touring Car Championship in 1997. The Dirt and F1 series are also Codemasters projects, however the teaser trailer was published on the Grid series' YouTube account.

Grid 2 released in May 2013. Grid 2: Reloaded Edition, which includes the full game as well as nine extra DLC packs, hit Steam in January

In CVG's Grid 2 review, we said: "Grid 2 is a robust and complete racing package that delivers big on value-for-money and while it's by no means a game of end-to-end thrills, it has its moments. Those that splash out will have their investment repaid in kind, once they get to grips with its foibles."