Titanfall encourages designers to try new things, producer hopes

Drew McCoy talks about inspiring creativity in AAA space

Titanfall producer Drew McCoy hopes the game encourages more creative thinking among developers.

McCoy told GameSpot that the games industry has a bad habit of replicating games that are popular without understanding what made them successful. That has led to some "really colossal failures."


"So I hope what Titanfall does, as a gamer and as someone who wants to see the industry get better and make cooler stuff, is try new things and not just try and copy what's good," McCoy said.

Ultimately the industry will continue creating games based off of games that worked, but McCoy thinks Titanfall's success, despite lacking traditional features like a single-player campaign, may open up room for experimentation beyond Respawn Entertainment.

"People are still going to make the cinematic 5-6 hour single-player, they're going to make the multiplayer, and maybe co-op that sandwiches in between," McCoy said. "They're still going to throw 600 people at it, and do production values for production values' sake. But what I hope it's done is opened up designers to trying new things."

Respawn director Steve Fukuda revealed earlier this week that the studio plans to improve the frequency and transparency of its update schedule. Titan "Nose Art" customizations are one of several content updates planned for the game.