TimeGate, Human Head shooter Minimum announced

Atari says it's coming to Steam Early Access soon

Atari has revealed Minimum, an online shooter developed by defunct studio TimeGate and finished by former Prey 2 developer Human Head.

The game casts players as blocky figures locked in team-based battles. Players collect resources to power their team's AI-controlled Titan while searching for blueprints to expand their own armor and weaponry.

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Minimum's pedigree is of some interest, as it was one of Section 8-developer TimeGate Studio's final projects before it filed for bankruptcy protection in May 2013. "Atari then worked with TimeGate to help extricate Minimum out of the TimeGate bankruptcy" according to a press release, eventually bringing the game to Human Head for completion.

Human Head has worked on external projects including Batman: Arkham Origins, Defiance, and BioShock Infinite since it ceased work on Prey 2 in 2011 or 2012. Rumors circulating in 2013 suggested that Dishonored developer Arkane Studios is rebooting the game.

Minimum will release on Steam Early Access in spring 2014, publisher Atari announced Thursday. Fans can register at the game's official website to receive updates and free in-game items.