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Arc System Works teases BloodRayne reveal

More information on "BRCS" coming Wednesday

BlazBlue and Persona 4 Arena developer Arc System Works is teasing a BloodRayne related reveal scheduled for Wednesday.

A teaser site shows the letters "BRCS" and the date "2014/4/23" over what looks like a manga-styled Rayne leaning against a cross, complete with one of her signature arm blades. The site also paraphrases some lines from Friedrich Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil (not to be confused with Michel Ancel's Beyond Good & Evil):


"She who fights with monsters might take care lest she thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

A press release from Arc System Works reveals no further details, asking only whether "the deepening mystery" will be revealed in a follow-up.

Publisher Majesco holds the rights to the BloodRayne series. It most recently licensed the franchise out to developer WayForward for 2011 platforming brawler BloodRayne: Betrayal. Arc System Works has not had any previous public involvement with the series.

In our BloodRayne: Betrayal review, we admonished it for "unfairly difficult platforming lumbered with controls that aren't up to task."