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Evolve trailer teases interactive, full-match video

See the game unfold from each player's perspective

Evolve's hunters track down and get slaughtered by a monster in this teaser for an upcoming "interactive trailer".

Developer Turtle Rock published the video on Tuesday, which takes the perspective of four human hunters trying to take down one super-strong beast. It also shows the monster's third-person view as it uses flaming ground pounds and clawing swipes to clean up the human riff-raff.

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The full trailer depicts an entire match of Evolve from each player's perspective, using multiple channels to let viewers swap between viewpoints at will. It will debut on April 24.

Turtle Rock released six new Evolve screenshots of hunter-vs-Goliath combat at PAX East. Evolve is expected to release later this year on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

While the game has only been announced for those platforms, 2K Games parent company Take-Two has not ruled out the possibility of it releasing Evolve on last-gen consoles.

In CVG's Evolve preview we described it as "a masterfully balanced four-versus-one deathmatch where the advantage swings back and forth like a pendulum."