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Video: SOE tours H1Z1's combat, exploration

An archived stream from Sony Online Entertainment offers an extended look at zombie survival game H1Z1.

Game designer Jimmy Whisenhunt and technical director Tom Schenck walk players through several aspects of the PC and PS4 game in the stream broadcast last week. Though the game is still midway through development, the footage offers the best look yet at SOE's DayZ-inspired MMO.

Whisenhunt and Schenck start off by scavenging around an abandoned village, avoiding most of the zombies they encounter. Later on they spawn a jeep and go for a joyride before demonstrating some melee and ranged combat.

Though H1Z1 is an MMO, Whisenhunt made sure to note that the game has "permadeath" - when a player's character dies, that character is gone for good.

SOE head John Smedley revealed last week that players will be able to vote to establish custom H1Z1 servers, though it will take "serious player effort."

Smedley revealed more details about H1Z1, including its setting and mechanics, earlier in April.