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Uncharted PS4 recasts Todd Stashwick's role

Actor/writer working on Star Wars game with Amy Hennig

Writer/actor Todd Stashwick will no longer appear in Uncharted 4 despite voicing what was the game's only confirmed character.


Stashwick told IGN in a report published Monday that Sony "chose to recast my role." He was the voice of the unidentified narrator who swore to take revenge for being "lost for 15 years" and left "rotting in a hell hole" in the game's reveal trailer, which was published in November.

Amy Hennig revealed on April 11 that her friend Stashwick would join her as a co-writer on EA Visceral's unannounced Star Wars project. Stashwick is perhaps best known portraying Dale Malloy on The Riches.

"Todd Stashwick is a huge gamer, knows Star Wars inside-out and sideways, and is a brilliant writer to boot," Hennig said. "How lucky am I?"

Uncharted series director Amy Hennig left the studio in early March. She had worked at Naughty Dog since the days of Jak & Daxter, though she was quickly hired up by EA Visceral to lead work on its unannounced Star Wars project.

Later in March, Uncharted PS4 game director Justin Richmond left Naughty Dog after six years. He took a position at League of Legends developer Riot Games.

The departure of talent may indicate a change in direction for the next Uncharted, though Sony has said its development timeline "will not be impacted" by Hennig and Richmond's departure.