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Ultra Street Fighter 4 trailer touts 44 fighter roster

Capcom has released a new Ultra Street Fighter 4 trailer.

The video, which was previously released in Japanese but now has English text, showcases the new characters being introduced in the updated re-release. The new faces include Rolento and Decapre, both taken from the Alpha series, as well as Poison and Hugo of Final Fight and Street Fighter 3 fame.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 also features six new stages: Blast Furnace, Jurassic Era Research Facility, Pit Stop 109, Mad Gear Hideout, Half-Pipe and Cosmic Elevator. These stages were first seen in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Other features highlighted in the trailer include Red Focus, Ultra Combo Double, improved team battle mode, online training and YouTube uploads.

Capcom has confirmed the digital upgrade Ultra Street Fighter 4 release date will fall in "early June". It will be followed by a retail release.

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