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Video: Tomodachi Life's Best Songs, featuring Tyrion Lannister

Our Real Game Journalist Gav Murphy has been spending so much time playing Tomodachi Life that we were starting to question whether he's even capable of doing real game journalism anymore.

Little did we know he was in the midst of a critical, eye-opening investigation into the musical capabilities of Nintendo's quirky 3DS title.

In the latest episode of his Tomodachi Life diary (it's kind of like one of those Louis Theroux documentaries but much, much stranger), Gav watches as the inhabitants of Nublar Island take part in some sort of Nublar's Got Talent competition.

Like Louis Theroux, the investigation has become a consuming part of Gav's life. We asked him about his experience so far. "I showed this to my girlfriend and I could actually feel myself getting less attractive in her eyes," he replied.

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