Watch Dogs multiplayer detailed: Deathmatch, Free Roam, Tablet-vs-TV

Ubisoft officially reveals online modes

Ubisoft has detailed Watch Dogs's competitive multiplayer modes in a new wave of press previews.

The highly anticipated open-world game will feature online Team Deathmatch for up to eight players, plus an Online Decryption mode which has two teams competing to obtain a data file.

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The single-player game's hacking powers transfer over to multiplayer, with players able to wirelessly defuse opponent's grenades or trap them on automated suspension bridges, among other powers.

Competitive multiplayer matches will take place in locked-off sections of the single-player city, however Ubisoft has confirmed that a Free Roam game type will feature.

Finally, the publisher confirmed an asymmetric tablet-vs-console game type. This mode has one player controlling a helicopter on a tablet map screen, earning points the longer the television player is kept in view.


The tablet player can spend earned points on world hacks such as traffic light changes and activation of motorised bollards, or the deployment of several varieties of police car. The console player meanwhile is challenged to complete a race course.

Ubisoft previously confirmed the ability for players to 'invade' friends' single-player games and initiate a hacking face-off.

The first footage of Watch Dogs multiplayer can be found in our just-published Watch Dogs hands-on preview, alongside brand new screenshots.

The worldwide Watch Dogs release date is May 27 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3. A Wii U release is expected to follow in autumn 2014.