Destiny gameplay video shows Titan, Warlock and Hunter classes

New footage follows recently-released gameplay details

Bungie recently updated its official website with new details for character classes in Destiny, and below is new gameplay videos demonstrate those classes in action.

The footage below compiles into a single video three separate clips that accompanied the announcement, showing off the Titan, Warlock and Hunter classes that will feature in Bungie's new FPS epic.

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Bungie revealed Tuesday that the game will will boast at least three playable classes, known as Guardians. The game will also take place across at least four locations including Earth, Moon, Venus and Mars.

Full descriptions of each class, and information on some the game's enemy types is through here.

Bungie has indicated it is in the final stages of development for Destiny, which will release for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on September 9.

A Destiny beta will take place in the months leading up to game's release.