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Outcast HD gameplay video shows off new engine

Fresh3D Inc has released an Outcast HD gameplay trailer.

The project is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and, at the time of writing, has generated $225,111 of its $600,000 goal with 13 days to go.

While Fresh3D has said that the game's objects, textures, environments and characters will be made from scratch, the footage shown below is taken from a "very early prototype" of the remake and as such is "still using some assets from the original version, specially for the characters, animations and effects".

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Outcast is an action-adventure game released for PC in 1999. It garnered acclaim for being among the first fully 3D games to offer a vast open-world to explore and non-linear, free-roaming gameplay.

French outfit Fresh3D is comprised of creative director Franck Sauer, who narrates the video above, gameplay advisor Yves Grolet and technical director Yann Robert, all of whom are part of the original Outcast development team. The studio acquired the rights to Outcast from Atari in July 2013.

Numerous Kickstarter stretch goals have been set, including a Mac/Linux version at $750,000; DirectX 11 enhancements at $950,000; VR support at $1 million; and next-gen console versions at $1.35 million. Should the funding reach $1.7 million Fresh3D will introduce a brand new world called 'Kizaar'.


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