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Killzone Shadow Fall update released

1.14 patch paves way for upcoming DLC, makes tweaks and bug fixes

Guerrilla Games has released a new Killzone Shadow Fall update, NeoGAF users report.

As well as introducing support for free Killzone Shadow Fall DLC, patch 1.14 makes numerous bug fixes and tweaks, including reducing challenge requirements.

Update 1.14 features:

  • Support for upcoming DLC map
  • Rework Combat log
  • Reduced Blur in MP
  • Reduce challenge requirements
  • Allow players to switch faction in MP in case of unbalanced teams
  • Added new controller configs
  • Multiple tweaks and bug fixes

Reduced challenge requirements:

  • Supply Box Assists - reduced the number of assists needed
  • Supply Box Destroy - reduced the number of boxes needed to be destroyed
  • Game Draws - reduced the number of game draws
  • Buddy Drone Kills - reduced the number of buddy drone kills
  • Cloak Kills - reduced the number of cloak kills

Guerrilla Games released another Killzone Shadow Fall patch in early April. As well as introducing support for the first premium Killzone Shadow Fall DLC, the title update included fixes for several campaign progression issues. More recently, the studio updated the game to include a King of the Hill multiplayer mode.


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