This spellbinding Mario 64 speed run has set a new world record

Like iced doughnuts, each variety of speed run is magnificent in their own special way.

Firstly, there are 'tool assisted' runs. Players use software hacks to redo small sections over and over again until the most ludicrous bugs are exploited, allowing the player to eventually break the game open and finish it in conventionally impossible times.


These are impressive, but since much of the work is performed by software, some don't rate it as much.

Then there's the more traditional straight finish as fast as possible challenges, where players ditch the tools and simply aim to get to a game's credits as quickly as possible, using any normal exploits they see fit to get there - warp zones, glitches and the like.

But usually the jammiest, most sugary accomplishments are the 100 per cent speed runs. These are the work of elite gamers, experts who don't just take shortcuts to skip big chunks but actually know the entire game, from start to finish, inside-out.

Take this Super Mario 64 100 per cent run, for example, which was recorded live by Twitch gamer Siglemic on Tuesday. Using the standard Japanese Nintendo 64 version of the game and a normal Nintendo 64 controller, he proceeds to collect all 120 stars and finish the entire game in one hour, 43 minutes and 55 seconds.

That's an average time of 51 seconds per star, fyi. Consider that this is including cut-scenes, lengthy boss battles and a number of stars that involve collecting 100 coins, and it's clear how stunning this achievement is.

Watch and be amazed by his almost balletic mastery of the game.