Titanfall 'War Games' DLC map revealed - first screens and info

Combat simulation map combines three environments into one

Respawn Entertainment has revealed the first details on a new Titanfall DLC map called 'War Games'.

The new map will be introduced to the game as part of the upcoming 'Expedition' DLC pack. The map is a virtual combat zone that mixes areas that resemble the game's tutorial missions with zones inspired by the original Angel City, Rise and Airbase Sierra maps.

Designer Jason McCord describes the map as a "parkour playground".


"The concept of a simulator level allowed for themed areas to act as the hardpoints while the buildings between are in the smooth, featureless style of the training mission rooms," explains McCord.

"The IMC start in an Airbase-style structure, complete with working Marvins and a tank repair garage. Some areas throughout the map will be 'glitching out', providing landmarks that let you [know] that you're fighting in a virtual simulator."

McCord goes on to describe the three city-inspired zones. "The middle tower is based off Rise, with small interior rooms connected by a very tight, high wallrun path through the center. This is also a shortcut across the center of the map, but with a high risk factor of being rodeo'ed or trapped by other Titans.

"The Militia side is based on Angel City, but with a night time twist. The multiple, spaced out buildings offer a different game play style than the singular, large structures found elsewhere. Rooftop and window-to-window fighting is the crux of combat here, with the hardpoint being on the bottom floor of a two-story shop that only Pilots and AI can access."

The virtual environment theme, adds McCord, allowed designers to add extravagant wall running opportunities around the map. The orange forcefields of the tutorial mission are used in War Games as walls to run along and are found throughout the map, "and sometimes stretch across long distances, above battling Titans below", says McCord.

"These are meant to be obvious paths to help encourage players that haven't embraced this new way of traversing maps."

The outer areas of the map were designed to give Titans a space to dominate, with "paintball style fields designed clutter-free to make enemies easy to spot and paths easy to discern".

The first screenshots of War Games, including overhead maps, are in the gallery above.

Announced earlier this month, Expedition will boast three maps in total, also including 'Swampland', 'Runoff'. 'Swampland' is said to be themed around "archaic alien technology", while 'Runoff' will feature water.


The map pack will cost AU$13.45/£7.99/US$9.99, and is due out in May.


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