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Ryse 'Duel of Fates' DLC released

Adds two arenas, one survival map and new gladiator skins

Ryse: Son of Rome players are now able to download the game's third downloadable content pack, entitled 'Duel of Fates'.

The new pack, priced at $8.99 (or at no additional cost to season pass holders), features "two new arena mode round-to-round maps" called 'Invictus' and 'Barbarous', and a new survival map called 'Island'.

Two new gladiator skins are also on offer; Glott the barbarian chief, and "Ryse" protagonist Marius Titus - both inspired by the single-player campaign characters.

The new maps are described as "sprawling, multi-tiered affairs that expand well beyond the Roman Colosseum's ability to hold all the action".


As Microsoft explains: "The maps are loosely based on historical events. The Servile Wars, a series of slave uprisings, inspired the creation of the 'Invictus' map. 'Barbarous' hearkens back to the numerous barbarian invasions that helped spur the fall of the Roman Empire.

"In these maps, gladiators are tasked with seizing and holding special landmarks such as the God Tree, lighting wicker men on fire, defending Emperor Nero from harm, and avoiding numerous firetraps and arrow jets. New underground areas link certain stages together, with plenty of thematic and environmental diversity within each map."

In the new 'Island' Survival map, players start the round already bleeding and are tasked with battling endless waves of enemies, using executions to partially restore their health.

Screens of the new content are in the gallery above.