Blacklight Retribution gets free new map

'Seaport' offers new industrial shooting arena

Developer Zombie Studios has released a free new downloadable map for its free-to-play PS4 shooter, Blacklight Retribution.

The map, titled 'Seaport' is available for download to all players now, and offers a new industrial setting for the game's team-based combat.

"Seaport is designed to bring players into the fight quickly with two major avenues of attack," describes Zombie Studios producer Kael Hammond.

"If you find yourself pinned down, plenty of smaller side paths and routes cut through the port's warehouses. Good use of HRV is critical, since the opposition can take you by surprise quickly if you let your guard down - watch your teammates' backs."


The mark the release of the map, Zombie is also running a round of double XP for all players.

On a side note, the studio says the game has two patches planned and coming soon, the second of which will take the game out of beta and into its official final state.

Additionally, the developer said, "Concerning GP prices, Zombie has put a lot of time into figuring out how to best balance GP to make sure our players are having fun and to keep the game balanced. All your feedback in beta has been extremely helpful, and we're feeling great about our final plans."