Just Cause 3 domain reportedly registered by Square Enix

Fresh evidence of a third entry in the open-world series uncovered

A Just Cause 3 domain has been registered by Square Enix, according to internet sleuth Superannuation.

In December 2013, Just Cause maker Avalanche Studios released a video in which team members travelled to a jungle in Costa Rica to "research complex environments for future games" including Mad Max.

Just Cause 2 was set in Southeast Asia, on the fictional tropical island of Panau, which was very much inspired by Costa Rica. Although Avalanche never explicitly stated that its Cost Rican jungle research was for a new entry in the series, it regularly discussed its findings in the context of their importance to Just Cause.

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"In the Just Cause games we're in a tropical paradise," said Andreas Oberg, associate art director at the studio. "And one really important component of tropical paradises is beaches and water.

"However, water is one of the most complicated things to simulate in movies and computer games. So, yesterday, we were down at the beach and we were recording the water in super slow motion. These are all really interesting questions that we're doing research about so that we can improve things for the future."


In February 2013, the LinkedIn profile of Avalanche CEO Christofer Sundberg revealed that the studio was working on two unannounced PS4 and Xbox One games, one of which was subsequently revealed to be Mad Max.

Sundberg later posted an image (pictured) of what appeared to be a new Just Cause game on Instagram, further suggesting a sequel is in the works.


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