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Retro Vault: Altered Beast, E.T. and an Atari 2600 promo VHS

Plus: The Nintendo VS System and when Mean Machines went wrong

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Spring 1983 - Atari promotional VHS

Following the E.T. mess Atari continued to release a number of licensed games in the hope of turning things around and picking up sales again.

This promotional video from 1983 is a good example of this, showing off games based on the likes of the Muppets, Bugs Bunny, Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Dumbo, Goofy and Road Runner.

It also includes some short behind-the-scenes looks at the development process of Atari 2600 games, as well as brief interviews with some of the game designers and programmers.

Look out for Howard Warshaw (yes, the one who developed E.T.) at the nine-minute mark, still sounding a little stressed out months after its released. Also keep an eye out for the Atari 2600 version of Xevious, which was ultimately never released. When you see how bad it looks compared to the arcade original, it's little surprise.

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