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January 1988 - Mean Machines goes wrong (CVG issue 75)

Magazine production is far easier now than it was in the '80s. Massive advances in design software mean layout changes can be easily made and - crucially - mistakes are easy to spot and fix. Back in the day things were a little trickier, as this old Mean Machines section from CVG shows.

For those who used to buy the Mean Machines magazine and are a little confused, it wasn't always a full standalone magazine. Before consoles truly took off, Mean Machines was merely a section near the back of CVG dedicated to earliest Sega Master System and NES games. As they grew in popularity there was more to write about, and so Mean Machines became a full publication.

That's not the the important thing here, though. The important thing is our bizarre review of NES lightgun game Duck Hunt, which starts off straightforward enough and suddenly starts referring to plungers, balls and bumpers.

Yes, due to a bizarre editing problem the review is switched halfway through one paragraph, meaning the first half of the review is talking about Duck Hunt whereas the second half discusses the otherwise unmentioned NES title Pinball.

Needless to say, these days this sort of thing never happens at CVG because as long as you can get your head around its flawed structure you'll eventually have a great time with Mario Golf: World Tour.

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