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Yes, someone has recreated an entire European country in Minecraft

What in the name of Haribo is going on here?

A duo of terrifyingly dedicated Minecraft experts claim to have built a 1:1 recreation of Denmark in Markus Persson's pioneering PC game, Minecraft.

If that doesn't bamboozle you enough, get this: The country is made up of about four trillion bricks and weighs about a terabyte if you want to download it. Creators Simon Kokkendorf and Thorbjørn Nielsen Geodatastyrelsen put the virtual nation together by applying public data on roads and building frameworks.

According to The Danish Broadcasting Corporation, this makes Denmark the first ever country to be devised in Minecraft. No shit.

One key ambition for the project lies in its educational value - pupils now have the chance to explore a 3D model of Denmark that can be used in social studies and geography classes.

Take a look and be amazed:

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