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Comments of the Week - "Milked by a radioactive farmer"

Your finest, funniest and oddest comments over the past seven days


Uncharted PS4 recasts Todd Stashwick's role

"Sony better have some hidden gems ready for E3." - TheLastDodo

"You can always use a guide to find them if you get stuck." - Tailisjoy

Prima will be rubbing its hands.

This spellbinding Mario 64 speed run has set a new world record

"I hear he sees the world in polygons and if you open his curtains, it will kill him." - unclemonkey

You mean it'd be curtains for him?

Call of Duty 2014: first screenshot released

"Their pore tech is amazing! Can't wait to see what they do with oranges, my fruit killing skills are remarkable." - neogreyfox

Fruit Ninja X Call Of Duty confirmed.

The Last of Us lead artist leaves Naughty Dog

"They heard David Moyes was taking over." - Barry316

Oooh, topical.

New Fatal Frame in development for Wii U

"At last a reason to get the WIi U!
I hope there are lots of rituals and bad endings for me to get" - robjd

Well, that's owning a Wii U for you.

Mario Golf World Tour DLC season pass announced

"126 holes? Dropping white balls in them? Tag-teaming with Mario? There's a pun here somewhere... it must be found!

*puts on his serious thinking specs*" - MPH

I'll come back later, you've clearly got a fairway to go.

Enraged COD player summons 60 armed officers to opponent's home

"I thought CoD didn't support 60-player teams." - EvilDog77

Hmmm, he must have actually been playing Battlefield.

"Apparently he thought it was his duty to call them." - danieljthurman

Oh dear.


Goat Simulator update to add split-screen multiplayer and parkour

"s**t just goat serious!" - Bear Jew


"How much more can be rammed into this game?" - richomack360


"Surely that should be Baa...kour !" - martinawatson

Half a star.

"Traverse the city as Bleater Parkour after er... Being milked by a radio active farmer... With great angora comes great er... Sexy knitwear." - jodders

Pass marks for effort.

"This should be an Xbone exclusive, might actually help to shift a few more consoles!!" - PS4theking

Hang on, that's not even a pun. That's just rubbish trolling. Get out.


Preview: Three hours with Watch Dogs

"you lost me with 'purchased with in-game cash'." - aidygaga

Why? Would you rather pay with real cash?

Call of Duty 2014: first screenshot released

"hang on a second. Another COD??! So you mean to tell me that we are going to be treated to a 'looks over substance' game that relies on a multiplayer experience that is now generic AND continually refuses to improve the single player experience despite loyal fans demanding it in exchange for their hard earned money which actually keeps the COD franchise running?? Sign me up now!!!!" - DrakeandSully

If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were being sarcastic. It's the fourth exclamation mark that makes me suspicious, you see.

Assassin's Creed series sales reach 73 million

"There's no hope left" - Rattlecat

Yes, because a popular series selling lots of games is the final sign of the apocalypse.

New Dragon Age Inquisition gameplay video released

"EA doesn't seen to know Math very well. This gen is the 8th generation. The last one is the 7th. Ignoring important parts of history like the classic arcade days, the NES saving the industry and the first true upgrade and rivalry between the SNES and Sega Genesis is simply stupid. They are important parts of history and should be taken into account and embraced. It really annoys the heck out of me that they would ignore just grand times in the history of my favorite medium." - UberPyro64

Still though, that Dragon Age video eh?