CVG Off The Record 19: Hearthstone sins and our most wanted VR games

Plus, your questions answered!

For the first time in a while we've got a four-man roster on this week's episode of Off The Record.

Joining me, Tamoor 'Creampuff' Hussain, is fellow CVGers Chris 'Currrrleh Wurrrleh' Scullion, Rob 'Sudowoodo' Crossley and Official Nintendo Magazine's Joe 'Valerians' Skrebels.

Those middle names will become less confusing after you've listened to this episode.

We're a little light on news this week, so we take what we've got and have some fun with it. First up is games we'd most like to play VR versions of, followed by a new Prince of Persia built on the UbiFarts Engine with pooticle effects, and then "prestigin' while you're siegin'".

After that Rob tells us about becoming hopelessly addicted to Hearthstone, going on to argue with Joe about whether Blizzard's game is anything like Football Manager (Chris looks bored during this).

From there we move on to Nintendo Pocket Football Club and Mario Golf impressions, before answering your questions and doing some awesome impressions.



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