Ace Attorney gets series reboot with 'The Great Ace Attorney'

Capcom uncovers first details of its next court sim

'The Great Ace Attorney' is the next game in the Ace Attorney series, and marks the start of a new story arch for the franchise.

So confirmed Capcom producers in an interview with Famitsu (translation via Siliconera), who offered the first firm details on the game.


Set in ancient Japan's Meiji Period, the game stars Phoenix Wright's ancestor, Ryuunosuke Naruhodo, and is in development for 3DS with only a Japanese launch (of unspecified timing) currently announced.

The game features a heroine named Susato Mikotoba, who producer Shintaro Kojima describes as, "pretty much a graceful Japanese woman, a proper girl who does everything the proper way."

Very little else is known of the title - series creator and director Shu Takumi explains that it's still in the very early stages of development.

"I've barely met these characters myself, so I can't exactly say too much about them. I think that we'll get a better understanding as we go on with production. Some characters show up more while writing the scenario, sometimes when they speak their lines, so we're kind of waiting for that as we write, for now," he said.

The game will form the start of a new series in Ace Attorney franchise, the developers said, with Takumi promising that "the image and feel behind its play will be quite different from all the other Ace Attorney games up until now."

Below is a Japanese teaser trailer:

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