Thomas Was Alone tops 1 million sales

Simplistic indie platformer still selling strong

Indie platformer Thomas Was Alone has passed the million sales milestone.

That's according to creator Mike Bithell, who made the announcement via Twitter on Friday: "Ummm... so... yeah... Thomas Was Alone has now sold over one million copies."


This is up some 300,000 on the 700,000 copies of the game Bithell said had been sold in August 2013, indicating a long tail of continued sales for the indie hit.

Bithell went on to say that the "bulk of those sales were in bundles/discounts/promotions".

Thomas Was Alone first released for PC and Mac in July 2012. The PS3 and Vita editions were released in April 2013.

CVG described Thomas Was Alone as "patchy puzzle platforming", noting that it "starts slow and grows into a puzzle game that is pleasant and satisfying, though one that's lacking in eureka moments."