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VVVVVV 'imminent' for iOS, Android and Vita

Acclaimed indie title "almost ready" to be submitted to Apple and Google platforms

Mobile and portable editions of Terry Cavanagh's breakthrough indie game VVVVVV are said being readied for an imminent release.

Cavanagh, who shipped the first iteration of VVVVVV in 2010, says the mobile and tablet versions had been "like 90 per cent finished for over a year".

The dedicated PS Vita port, currently in development at Californian studio Nicalis, is said to have spurred Cavanagh into finishing the Android and iOS versions.

"With Nicalis' PS Vita port imminent, it seemed like it was now or never," he said.

VVVVVV is a 2D platform game most famous for its brutal difficulty and play on gravity.


Tablet and smartphone builds "should be ready any day now" to submit to the App Store and Google Play, Cavanagh added.

"The last big thing I had to do was update the menus to be more touchscreen friendly, which is now done and works really well," the Irish developer wrote on his blog.

"The big concern that comes up when I talk about this project is controls - is VVVVVV even a game that works well on a touchscreen? And the answer is yes, it does!

"Mostly, anyway - using a touchpad for this sort of game is just never going to be as good as using a joypad, but the touch controls I've got are feeling really nice.

"I tried out a bunch of different control ideas - d-pads, virtual analogue sticks, super hexagon style controls where you press both sides of the screen to flip, and these all basically work with varying levels of success.

"The one that definitely works the best, though, is swipe and hold to move, which is what I'm using as the defaults. Basically, you put your thumb down on the screen - move it left and you move left, move it right and you move right, let go to stop. It feels super responsive and nice".

Cavanagh also published a video of the game in action on iPad:

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