Is Hearthstone coming to iPhone or Android? And other pressing questions...

Have a question about Blizzard's delightful collectable card game?

Let us reaffirm: Hearthstone is a remarkable video game and it's free-to-play, so you owe it to yourself to try it if you have a PC or iPad. Do it!

Take a look at our Hearthstone review for more insight. Below we've collated some frequently asked questions, offering as much as insight as we can about blizzard's card collecting game. Hopefully it'll be of some help.

1) Is Hearthstone coming to iPhone?

Blizzard is working on a mobile edition for the iPhone, but the release date has not yet been nailed down. Perhaps the most difficult issue to resolve is how to fit the experience onto a far smaller screen.

"We want to make sure that every time we come to a new platform, whether it's to an iPad or tablets or phones, that the experience holds up just as well as it does on the PC," game director Jason Chayes recently said.

2) Is a Hearthstone Android edition foreseeable?

The almighty variety of screen resolutions across Android devices means that porting Hearthstone across will always be challenging. However, Blizzard nevertheless wants to release a version eventually. While the iPhone version is due for the second half of 2014, there is no tentative release date for Android yet.

3) What iPad generations does Hearthstone work on?

Blizzard says the oldest is iPad 2, and any version thereafter works fine. We've tested the iPad 2 and it works smoothly.

4) Can PC and iPad users play each other on Hearthstone?

Yes, cross platform play is already available.

According to lead designer Eric Dodds: "You could start in the morning playing on your PC and then, in the afternoon, pick up your iPad and you'll have all of your decks there. When you're choosing to play, I might be playing against some other iPad person or I might be playing against the PC version."

5) Is there an official Hearthstone tournament?

Why yes! The Hearthstone World Championship will take place at this year's Blizzcon, bringing together 16 of the world's best players (4 from the Americas, 4 from Europe, 4 from China, 2 from Korea, and 2 from Taiwan).

You need to, at the very least, reach legendary rank to be within a shout of qualifying. More details here

6) Tell me how to play Hearthstone.

That's not a question, but sure! There's a really handy beginner's guide on the official website. And some good essential info on Reddit too.

There's also a valuable daily videos from 'Trump', a player who is widely considered as one of the best in the world at Hearthstone.

7) How many Hearthstone cards are there?

At the time of going to press, there's 382. That number will continue to climb as more are added.

8) Can I play Hearthstone offline?

'Fraid not. Even matches against AI need an internet connection.

9) Is the Priest the most overpowered, cheapest, downright annoying character in the game?